Hmmmm Cookies!

Some good news and bad news.

The bad news is this isn’t anything to do with the Cookie Monster and his diet.

Sorry Cookie Monster

The good news is that we use the digital kind of cookies to enhance your experience of our website.

Q: Right, so what does that techno-babble mean then?
A: When you add things to your basket, when you login, when you view other products and the page says ‘Oh you bought that product I see, you might like this one too’, there’s a little file called a cookie that’s stored on your PC that keeps track of this information.

Q: Any other reason you put cookies on my PC?
A: Well yes, we use cookies also to get an idea of what products are popular and what we need to get rid of, we also use cookies to track any issues that you may have while you’re browsing round the site.

Q: Can this information be retrieved by 3rd parties and used against me?
A: Only if you’ve been REALLY bad and your Dom has had a word with us…. KIDDING..
Seriously, the only 3rd parties we use are Paypal to process your payments and Google so we can see how you travel through our site and what you like and don’t like.
Paypal need to know what the value of your shopping basket is so we can take your cold hard cash in exchange for the wonderfully naughty things we have on our site.
Google need to know (exclusively limited to site information and nothing else), so we know how you’ve gone from one product to another and also to get an idea of what is popular or not.

Q: Anything else?
A: Nope!