g11 long glass double ender dildo

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legnth 10 inch Why are our Pyrex Glass Dildo Pleasure Wands the Adult Novelty of Choice? Why is Glass Better? •Cleanliness – Our glass dildos are made from Borosilicate glass (more commonly known as Pyrex) which has been used in the medical and science fields for decades. Glass Dildos stay cleaner than plastic or rubber toys as well. It is non porus which makes them easy to clean and keep germ free. Clean them with antibacterial soap and warm water or isopropyl alcohol, then rinse with water. Clean before and after use. •Durability – Glass Dildos and Vibrators will last more than a lifetime when properly cared for. We sell only Premium Glass Toys which is extremely durable and will not scratch easily. •Hypoallergenic – Our Glass Dildos and Vibrators are perfect for people who suffer from rubber or plastic allergies. •Lubrication Friendly – Because of the silky smooth finish of glass, Glass toys will not become sticky or gummy when you use your favorite lubricant. •Warm – Glass Dildos and Vibrators can be warmed easily in warm water to any desired temperature. Glass retains heat for long periods of time. •Cool – Glass Dildos and Vibrators can be cooled just as easily in cool water or in the refrigerator. Note that glass toys are NOT meant to be frozen.

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