pvc white medical Sensory Depravation Hood


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white medical hood.

please note  the yellow straps could be a lighter shade to pic. and also comes with white lace.

Dress your slave in style in this luxury sensory deprivation hood. No light or sound will pass the thick padding. Have your sub be totally in their own world with YOU the master giving commands! This incredible high-quality hood is for the serious aficionado. See how long your sub can wear it before they are quivering at your feet. Made of premium quality P.V.C This is truly an amazing sensory deprivation hood that you must experience the feeling of total isolation. it has lockable straps. Your sub will follow your every command wearing this hood! This sensory deprivation hood will ensure that your sub will follow your every command. Because of the thick padding no light or sound will pass. Your sub is at your mercy! Your sub will be in their own world with YOU deciding on the action to be taken. This amazing high-quality sensory deprivation leather hood is made for the most serious of bondage lovers. How long can your sub wear it before they are a quivering mass at your feet? This truly incredible sensory deprivation hood must be worn to be believed. Experience total isolation in the soft high-quality hood, with lockable straps. When your sub wears this sensory deprivation hood they will be at your total mercy!

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