stunning bird cage with 40mm 45mm 50mm or 55m ring


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stunning stainless steel bird cage  40mm 50mm or 55mm ring

hi quality bird cage with  new style square fitting ring


Comes with 4 sized rings  40mm 45mm 50mm or 55mm sized ring. Our thrilling and shiny stainless steel  chastity device  is an exercise in sexy form and erotic function. It is comfortable to wear and keeps your slave secure for your pleasure.

Inside diameter of the tube is 36 mm. The length of the steel cage is 100 mm. Once you slap this chastity belt on your slave you’ll know why it is a best-seller. The chrome cage and hinged ring will keep your slave encased, comfortable, and secure. This chastity belt is made of light-weight stainless steel  with a finish of such high polish you’l l need sunglasses. The high polish protects your slave from discomfort and chafing. It combines the utmost strength with the least amount of weight. Not only is it comfortable, it’s easily the best looking chastity device around. free padlock

why not add a extra item or two  to your order at no extra postage charge only one postage charge per order 

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