suede and fur flogger black and red / purple and black


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Description suede and fur flogger  / black and red/ purple and black
Tail Length = 17″
Handle Length = 9″
Overall Length = 26″
Genuine heavy duty suede and fur  Flogger black & red /purple & black / Cosplay stag
classic  floggers are individually hand crafted and are the perfect for sensation play also the suede tails can also give a nice impact when using for impact play,
suitable for beginners to advanced users. 
This flogger is a staple in any collection as its size is well suited for smaller spaces while providing the perfect all round full impact piece. 
The tails on this flogger are great for  providing a a variety of sensations from mid point to end. Only the highest quality suede  and fur  are used  so each piece is highly durable 
The handle is braided 
The classic simple yet elegant design makes it a “must have” for every collection.
Floggers, Crops & Whips Erotic spanking can be a very intimate and enjoyable addition to any ones  life. Our range of floggers and whips are perfect for handing out discipline to partner or sub, creating a stimulating experience for both parties. Administer a gentle spanking or an extreme whip 
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all black, purple & black, red & black


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